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With the number of motor vehicles in Manchester increasing, DigitalLabs@MMU realised the potential of a solution that would help solve a problem likely faced by every city in the world. The solution involved developing a platform that allows digital notes to be left on cars, thus enabling a dialogue between the owner of the vehicle, and the pedestrian.

The solution to opening this dialogue was for users of the app to scan a physical QR code sticker, the app would then locate the device using the geolocation API, and the user would place the QR code on the car to be scanned by the owner of the car.

Later, the owner of the car would arrive at their car and scan the QR code. The owner would be sent to a website where they could either ignore or apologise to the reporter. If the owner apologised, a push notification would be sent to the original reporter.

“Cars are parked everywhere. Our neighbourhoods are becoming so congested, people are starting to become blind to the needs of others when they park. We’d like to empower people to give a gentle nudge when they find that a car is parked thoughtlessly”


During this project, I led the development team to create an Apache Cordova mobile app and an ExpressJS backend with Handlebars templating engine.

Apache Cordova iOS and Android App

The mobile application allowed QR codes containing unique URLs (e.g.…) to be linked with a push notification token and coordinates.

The app would recognise a QR code of a certain structure, and HTTP POST the required data to the backend for persistence. The app would also display all recent incidents on a native map so users could see where it could be dangerous to park.

NodeJS Backend

The backend had two main pieces of functionality: handle QR scans and display the page to the owner of the vehicle, and handle API requests from the app.

The website rendered a HTML frontend using Handlebars templating engine where the scanner of a QR code could choose to ignore or apologise to the reporter.

The API connected to a Postgres database which stored all the incidents, and would handle various HTTP requests from both the app and the website.


Perfomance Dashboard

Part of the FRESHR project


Ecommerce Website

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