Student Discount App

Student Discount is a huge part of University culture. FRESHR is a student discount app aimed at increasing footfall for businesses and save students in Manchester money.

I designed, developed and deployed the iOS and Android App and associated services (performance dashboard and API) and created the FRESHR website.

Frontend Technology

I built this iOS and Android app with React Native and integrated with several libraries/SDKs such as Maps, Firebase Analytics, Push Notifications (for deep linking), Haptic Feedback, Animated.

In-app CMS Content

One requirement of the app was to have regularly updated content to keep users engaged. I chose WordPress as the CMS for it’s Flexible Layout Advanced Custom Field. This allowed me to build component-like models within ACF which editors could utilise to build custom pages. The content had to be requested from the frontend app at runtime to make sure content was fresh, so to solve this problem, I built a solution that would render the Flexible Layout fields in JSON, with an array of objects containing the mappings to a React component’s properties.

ANS Repairs

Website & Marketing


Part of the FRESHR project

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