Part of the FRESHR project

As part of the FRESHR project, I built a NodeJS application using ExpressJS to act as the central source for user and session management and content.

Solution Architecture

I built this application build using ExpressJS and integrated with several AWS Services for various functionalities. The repository was automatically deployed to an Elastic Beanstalk container running EC2, with AWS CodeDeploy. Due to the nature of the product, there was personal information transferred by system so security was a major consideration.


If I was given the chance to build this solution with current knowledge, I would consider smaller, possibly serverless, micro-services (aided by Kubernetes) as opposed to this monolith approach. This is largely driven by cost, as the platform was usually quiet outside of evenings and weekends, and reliability, as the platform could be down for a number of minutes while a deployment was rolling out (although this could have been solved other ways).


Student Discount App

Perfomance Dashboard

Part of the FRESHR project

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